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No matter how much we grow or how technology changes, we will always value the relationships we have with our customers and our values guide our actions.

Fiona Smith, General Manager - Customer Operations

Our organisational DNA

If you were to ask us ‘In a nutshell, what’s Trustpower all about?’, here’s what we’d say to you. Our organisational DNA defines the four things at the absolute core of our organisation:

  • Respect for everyone we interact with, customers, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders. 
  • Passion for personal service, so each customer feels they are treated as an individual. 
  • Deep involvement with, and active support of, the communities we operate in. 
  • A restless quest for innovation, taking calculated risks to find better ways of doing things.

Our purpose

Then, if you asked, ‘Why do what you do?’ we’d reply:

  • Our purpose is to improve the lives of people in the communities we serve, by providing access to utilities that deliver comfort, convenience, connectivity, and value.

Caring about our people, our environment and our communities and being obsessive about customer service is what drives us. I also love the fact that we’ve built a great business from Tauranga.

Simon Clarke, General Manager - Business Solutions & Technology

Our vision

Next, if you asked “Where are you going?” we’d tell you our vision — our future direction. This embraces the fact today’s world is changing and converging at enormous speed. It’s owned across Trustpower and it inspires us all:

Our future direction is to grow Trustpower to be a household name in the communities in which we operate. We’ll be as good at delivering smart telecommunications to people, and irrigation to farmland, as we are at supplying electricity. We’ll also be a major player in the evolving carbon market. Yet we’ll still be the same people – friendly, efficient and famous for our customer service.

Our values

Finally, if you were to ask, ‘What do you stand for?’, we’d say this. Our values capture who we are and what matters most to us. They’re the attitudes we embrace, as individuals, as teams, and as an organisation:

Please click the letters below to see what we stand for.

  • P


  • R


  • I


  • I


  • D


  • E


  • Passion: For superb customer service.

  • Respect: For each other, our shareholders and all other stakeholders.

  • Integrity: We do what we say, and we say what we do.

  • Innovation: We find smarter ways to do things, in order to produce improved and sustainable results.

  • Delivery: We deliver with "attitude". We be ourselves, and we always look to create positive and lasting relationships.

  • Empower: We take responsibility and play our part in making Trustpower more successful, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.